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    Where do you fall on the toast spectrum?

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    Fat Femme 4 Fat Femme Tulle Wedding OMG


    Joanna + Gesche, photos by 2 Brides Photography, there are many more pics that are SO BEAUTIFUL! like, i’m planning a wedding now. BASED ON PHOTOS.

    I mean marriage is whatevs but this/they are so gorgeous and amazing <3


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    same, everyday.


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    for each other
    warm and dripping,
    a cycle of loneliness
    to an end.

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    (via Night Landscapes | Amanda Friedman Photography)

    It seems like I’m drawn to photographer Amanda Friedman’s Night Landscapes series every Halloween. She spends her days doing celebrity portraits, but when the sun goes down, she takes these long-exposure photos that capture the feeling of being stranded in the dead of night [cue the zombies and werewolves]. Hauntingly beautiful and totally spooky. — Heidi

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    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes 

    [a pink and white poster of a fist with hot pink nail polish under the words “femmes want revolution” in black]


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    Tim Burton with Jack Skellington and Sally 

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    We love love love this girl. 

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